Senior Assisted Living OptionsQuality assisted living in Portland is available to you when you are ready. Whether you are looking to enjoy your retirement or you just need some extra help with your daily life, our senior living facilities in Portland are the perfect place for you.

We offer a variety of accommodations, perfect for the tastes and lifestyle of each of our residents. Our cozy bedrooms will provide comfort and a relaxed living environment. And our spacious common areas give you room to socialize and meet with our other residents. We also have a beautiful garden in the grounds that you can admire from the comfort of the patio or take a pleasant walk through during temperate weather days.

We make sure there is always something fun to do with our varied entertainment options. These include speaking engagements, game and party nights, and events that liven the mood and keep our residents entertained. You are sure to find something to enjoy each and every day when you choose us as your facility you live in.

Quality Assisted living in Oregon Care That Is about You

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We make sure our residents know that their freedom will never be hindered here. We want you to relish your time here and spend it as you like. That’s why we offer so many different diversions and activities to engage in. And we keep numerous service personnel in the area to make sure that all your needs are attended to. We want you to be comfortable at all times, but we also want you to be able to live your life much like you used to before joining us.

Everything at our Portland facilities are designed to make this a pleasant experience for you. We provide exceptional dining every day, with each meal prepared by our skilled chefs. Meals can be made to order as you like, and our varied menu ensures you won’t grow tired of what we have available.

Our facility is equipped with a modern salon that can pamper you just the way you prefer. You can chat with your friends while our team of trained professionals make you look and feel your very best. The senior living Portland residents, get their hair done almost every week in our luxury homes.

We also provide stimulating activities throughout the day that can keep you moving and energized. These are complemented by relaxing nighttime activities. And we encourage all our residents to just take everything at their own pace.

And the facilities and experiences you need and love to enjoy are only a short trip away. Our location in Portland is within easy travel distance of the hospital, many shopping centers and an assortment of fine dining restaurants. You don’t have to give up doing the things you love or sacrifice the essentials just to participate in senior care living in Portland, OR. We provide a means of travel for you from our location to these facilities as you desire. Please look into our aging resources and other guides for Seniors.

The Finest Quality Portland Senior Living Experience

You won’t find a more finely-crafted assisted living residence or a more caring group of professional staff members. Portland’s families turn to us when they are ready to move on with their lives and need some assistance in doing so. They know they can trust us to care for them in their twilight years, and they know we will provide an engaging experience that is tailored to the pace at which they want to live. Look at our Senior care facility here and then our retirement community here.

All of our staff members have been highly trained, and each of them is dedicated to giving you the very best in senior care. No matter what level of care you require, our experienced staff will be able to provide that for you. We make the transition from your life to a life with us an easy one. We do this by providing transportation to your regular appointments and errands as well as customizing the level of care you receive to your particular situation. We also offer varied accommodations, ranging from cozy bedrooms to massive suites. You are sure to find a place you are comfortable with here that you can call your own since the care in our Portland care living facility is nothing short of Suburb.

We don’t just apply the same practices to each of our residents. We know they come with their unique set of needs, and we are prepared to give you as much or as little assistance as you desire.

Our center for retirement living is equipped with all modern conveniences and is designed to make life as easy on our residents as possible. We make sure that every need is taken care of, and that you never lack the things you need to enjoy life to its fullest. We will look even further on this upon adding more assisted living Portland OR centers.

Take away for my assisted retirement living review

In my honest experience with over 15 years of combined Senior experience, the home we have designed has taken into account everything you can possibly imagine. I have compiled ideas for fine Assisted hospice care and have come to the realization that no matter there age, the senior just wants the same things anyone else would wants. That’s why we have banquet rooms, theater rooms and pianos scatter through the community.

Are you ready to take that next step? We are here to show you that life can be exciting and fulfilling at any age. This is what Wiki has to say about assisted care